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Natural Hand Sanitiser

Protection from viruses is becoming paramount, especially with advent of the coronavirus strain, my new natural sanitiser for protection is the perfect answer, using the naturally powerful properties of essential oils. A convenient 50ml spray with no nasties, just essential oils and triple distilled water.

A carefully formulated combination of essential oils targeted to protect against current and new viral strains, my natural sanitiser can used on the hands and face, Haelthy Hands comes in a convenient 50ml spray.

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Convenient Juices

No time to juice your own but you want guaranteed best quality nutrition?

Don Tolman has recently introduced three juice powders that have been dried using a breakthrough light frequency drying technology which does not destroy any of the nutritional content including the Vitamin C (normally lost during the drying process), these juice powders are still bio-active. Click the Link below to find out more…

(Link coming soon)

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A Truly Natural Moisturiser

What are you putting on your skin?

Our skin is porous, we absorb a cocktail of whatever we are using as soaps, moisturisers, treatments, cosmetics, perfumes, sun blocks. The list goes on.

These chemicals, additives, colourings, preservatives have to be metabolised by our body, these chemicals build up over time when our system is unable to eliminate them.

We have developed a natural face, hand, body moisturiser that uses only natural ingredients, ensuring a reduced chemical load on your body.

View Skin Silk here.