Juice Fasting – 4 Days – My Experience

Juice Fasting – 4 days – My Experience: My skin decided to have a bit of a detox, chest, underarms got quite itchy and a spotty rash developed… I have been doing Renew Salt scrubs and treating with essential oils… something wants out so I thought I’d give it a hand…

I did a salt flush Tuesday morning with juice/water during the day, had a light vegetarian meal that night, sometimes it pays to ease into these things

Wednesday morning Day 2, another Salt Flush with juice and water only all day, felt lighter and brighter.  It’s definitely harder in the winter but juice is easier than water only.

Day 3 on Cabala juice was pretty easy. The morning salt flush didn’t come to anything, only had a small movement, guess the body needed the salt… I had a mix of both fresh juice and Don Tolman’s light frequency dried juice powder (had left making some too long and got a bit desperate, sure is quicker and very convenient). Heaps of energy again today. I did manage to get ½ an hour of sunshine today (hasn’t been to much around lately).  I had a nice Epsom salts and lavender bath and then as it cooled I added a cup of Don’s Bentonite clay, lovely indeed. I think this definitely helps with fasting/detoxing too, not only with warmth but also the detoxing and magnesium uptake.

Friday – Day 4 The salt flush this morning made up for yesterday that’s for sure… Only had 1 1/2 small glasses of Cabala to start with… had boundless energy today, even went for a boogy board/swim in the ocean, damn cold but so so nice and refreshing and good to get the body earthed (been wearing shoes for too long this winter so far). When I came back I even mowed the lawn, just felt so energetic! Only just had my next Cabala at 2:15pm… I have been having water in between of course. Will probably finish today with a warm soup tonight and maybe do Cabala and Pulse tomorrow, I find the Pulse is a good base to work from after fasting, seems to get everything working nicely…

Our bodies are certainly pretty amazing when we know how to look after them and make the time to do so for ourselves 🙂

Renew Salt scrub, Lavender Essential oil, light frequency dried organic Cabala juice powder, Developmental Clarity (bentonite clay), and Pulse- all available at www.essentia.co.nz

Warren Tough

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  1. Wonderful read Warren ! I might wait until Spring though ! Need to get my circulation better and ramped up! I always have cold fingers and feet 🙁

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