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I have created a powerful range of natural health remedies for natural self care based on the power of certified pure healing grade essential oils. Our range of natural health products, natural health remedies, hair care, skin care, and pet-care products are designed to help you reduce the chemical load on your body.

I can also help you with self care, whether that be weight loss, diet, nutrition, and detox information.

I also have available a range of Don Tolman’s all natural health products and natural health remedies to support and compliment our self care offering. Don Tolman is a world renowned natural health guru with a depth of natural health knowledge second to none.

Health With A Difference

Essentia’s natural health products are lovingly hand-crafted in the wild natural environment of our home at Muriwai Beach (NZ – New Zealand), they are the result of over thirty years of study, research and experience. My passion is to produce or source natural health products that effectively support everyday health, self care, and wellness.

Incorporating a more natural way into your existing lifestyle is not necessarily one of deprivation and expense but more one of awareness and knowledge… Knowledge is Power, especially if you use it!

Here’s a very brief introduction video so you can meet me and get an idea of my natural hand-crafted health care, skin care, and hair care remedies…

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