Sunburn Relief

Sunburn Relief Treatment


Sunburn Relief – Organic Aloe Vera & Essential Oils Concentrate – Cooling & Healing

Contents: Certified pure essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Palmarosa, and Patchouli in distilled water with Organic Ale Vera Gel. 30ml Spray.



“Sunburn” is a concentrated version of “Kool Skin” with the same cooling and healing effects but in a more convenient 30ml concentrated spray.

“Sunburn” may be needed if the sunburn is more severe and a more intense treatment is required. Moisturising with “Skin Silk” and treatment with either “Kool Skin” or “Sunburn” can provide astonishing recovery from quite bad sunburn and if treated sooner rather than later, peeling can be avoided.

“Sunburn” concentrate is cooling, gives pain relief, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, calms redness and stimulates healing. If you can handle a bit of stinging pain (actually not too bad), apply some organic apple cider vinegar to the sunburn and then use either the Sunburn concentrate or Skin Silk for even faster recovery from sunburn.

Pure Lavender is also excellent for healing burns of all types, including sunburn. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is another good oil for moisturising sunburn.

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