Relaxing Treatment

Lavender Essential Oil (NZ)


Calming -Relaxing – Excellent for Burns

Contents: Certified pure essential oil of New Zealand Lavender. 5ml Fast Drip Amber Glass.



Certified pure New Zealand Lavender essential oil for general self-care use. Lavender is the Grandmother of all the oils and is really the only essential oil safe to use undiluted on the skin and is one of only a select few essential oils safe to use on babies and younger children. It is calming and relaxing and is an amazing oil for treating burns: apply undiluted immediately to burns (including sunburn).

Use in room sprayers for deodorising, drops on the pillow for sleep, directly on the skin for bites, helps relieve car/sea sickness, relieves headaches and just generally for healthy de-stressing and relaxing. A must have in kitchen and/or first aid kit. 10-15 drops in a nice hot bath with or without Epsom salts is very calming and relaxing.

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