Joule of Thor


Nerve Tonic – Brain Tonic – Pain Reliever – Sparks Up Cell Function

Contents: Organic aloe vera juice, Organic aloe vera gel, Organic cinnamon leaf oil, 24 karat edible gold flakes.
375ml Glass Bottle

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Joule of Thor targets the brain and the 45-49 miles of nerves that run through the human body. The brain and central nervous system is the courier of electric energy to all of the 10,000 trillion cells that make up the body.

Gold infuses the entire brain and nervous system with increased electric spark for our cells to have their highest functional capacities. Anciently Gold was “Precious” because of it’s healing and functional restorative qualities to the Human body. They ate Gold, cooked with Gold, used utensils made of Gold, and even drank wine and juices infused with Gold called Elixir’s.

The 24k Gold in Joule of Thor is carried by Aloe Vera and Ceylon Organic Cinnamon this is an Elixir of Life, Joy and function, Mentally, Emotionally and especially Physically. Drink Up and Hit Life with your Best Shot!
Recommended daily dosage is one shot glass, approx. 40mls.

It is the same dosage for athletes, people in wheelchairs, and anyone who wants to maintain neuro electric force mentally and physically… it also reduces pain of injury.

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