H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Food grade 6 percent


Surface Cleaner – Gum Disease.

Dilute 1-1 with filtered water for mouth wash, teeth whitener, natural hand sanitiser, ear cleanse, pimples, acne, wound cleansing, and maskne.

Contents: H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade pure (no additives or stabilisers) in distilled water. Available in 250ml and 200ml capped bottles.


Food Grade 6 percent H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide – Pure H2O2 diluted with distilled water to 6 percent contains no stabilisers or other added chemicals. It is an excellent surface cleaner and diluted 1-1 with filtered water can be used as an anti-bacterial and viral oxidiser, prevents infections and speeds up healing.

For pimples, acne, and maskne dilute 1-1 with filtered water and spray onto cotton pad until wet, wipe pimple areas or spray directly onto pimples. Some stinging may occur. Can be dabbed on larger pimples at full 6 percent strength. For severe pimple issues, cleanse with H2O2 and then apply “Pimples” essential oil spray (see Enhance Skin Care page) and leave on and repeat morning and night.

As a mouth rinse for gum disease or tooth ache use at full 6% strength. You dilute the 6 percent hydrogen peroxide 1-1 with filtered water for teeth whitening, after a few days you will notice your teeth are whitening naturally.

Spray onto surfaces including chopping boards and leave to soak into cracks and grooves to oxidise bacteria and residue.

Additional information

Weight145 g

200ml, 200ml capped, 200ml spray, 250ml capped, 250ml spray, 50ml capped, 50ml Spray, 250ml


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