Antiseptic, Hand Sanitiser, Healing Spray, Mouth and Gum Cleanse, Tooth Whitener

H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 250ml


Mouth Wash – Teeth Whitener – Natural Hand Sanitiser – Ear Cleanse – Pimples – Wound Cleanser

Contents: Food Grade pure (no additives or stabilisers) H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide. 250ml Spray.



Food Grade 3% H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide – Pure H2O2 diluted with distilled water to 3% contains no stabilisers or other added chemicals. It is an excellent bacterial oxidiser, prevents infections and speeds up healing.

PIMPLES/ACNE Spray onto cotton pad until wet, wipe pimple areas or spray directly onto pimples. Some stinging may occur. Any dead/damaged skin and bacteria will gently fizz, bubble and oxidise – wait half a minute or so. For severe pimple issues, apply “Pimples” essential oil spray (see Enhance Skin Care page) and leave on and repeat morning and night.

MOUTH WASH Spray into mouth, swish around mouth and teeth with tongue and gargle. The peroxide will foam up, spit out several times and swish with water if needed. It doesn’t hurt to swallow a little so don’t worry. H2O2 is an excellent teeth whitener, after a few days you will notice your teeth are whitening naturally. Mouth ulcers and gum disease can also be treated using H2O2 as a mouth rinse 2-3 times daily, for severe cases of mouth ulcers or gum disease; a stronger solution may be required and can be supplied upon request. A simple healthy easy to use natural remedy.

EAR CLEANSE Lie on side, put 3 drops (use glass dropper) into ear, let bubble for 30 seconds or so… Spiral a soft tissue into the ear gently to absorb any fluid as needed. Do other side. Repeat both sides if needed. This is often an excellent way to clear stuffiness, sinus and get relief from colds/flu, just by cleaning the ears with H2O2 (the ear canals, sinus and nasal passages are all connected).

Spray on hands and rub together as a natural hand santiser, oxides bacteria on contact and cleans your hands naturally, a much healthier option!

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