Eucalyptus Essential Oil


Colds – Flu – Sinus

Contents: Certified pure essential oil of Eucalyptus. 5ml Fast Drip Amber Glass.


Certified pure Eucalyptus essential oil for general self-care use. Eucalyptus has been used for thousands of years to relieve colds, flu and sinus. It helps the body to open airways in the lungs, nose and sinus to relieve blockages and make breathing easier. Eucalyptus has anti-bacterial properties and helps the body to clear infections in the lungs and sinus passages.

Use as an inhalation with steam to get rapid relief from blocked sinus and congested chest colds. It helps loosen phlegm from the chest and loosens blocked sinus. Put drops on a tissue or handkerchief to sniff throughout the day, dramatically reduces the risk of bacteria getting into overwhelm.

Eucalyptus is lively oil and helps clear the mind and foggy brain during times of cold, flu and sinus. Use Peppermint in combination with Eucalyptus for further support and a quicker return to good health.

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