Clove Bud – Tooth and Gum Health


Tooth ache – Gum issues

Contents: Certified pure essential oil of Clove Bud. 5ml Slow Drip Amber Glass.


Certified pure Clove Bud essential oil for tooth and gum health.

Put 1 drop on your tooth brush with tooth paste and brush as normal. There will be a hot/warming sensation from the oil. You can also apply directly using a cotton bud on any gum/tooth infection to give pain relief and fight the infection. Do not swallow.

Clove bud has been used for centuries to give relief and help heal tooth and gum issues. If a severe problem persists don’t hesitate to see a dentist.

Also useful is doing warm salt (sea salt) mouth rinses and using 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash.


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