Cabala Juice Powder

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CABALA is a signature raw organic juice powder blend that targets the health and functional capacities of your vision, heart, brain and skin.



This powder is produced from Organic whole carrots, apples, beetroot, and lemon using a genius breakthrough in plant, fruit and vegetable drying technology! Bio-photon frequency drying technology uses light frequencies that are the colours in light that create evaporation through electromagnetic energy fields that water molecules are drawn too just like iron filings to a magnet. Total evaporation happens in just minutes or hours not days.

There is no heat or freezing for days at a time like freeze dried foods where a lot of nutrition is lost in the process. In fact there is no loss of any nutrition, not even Vitamin C. Every nutritional component is bio-activated when the powders are simply added to clean pure water and dissolves very easily due to this unique drying technology.

When your schedule and commitments have you in overwhelm, or even while traveling, this organic ‘gentle evaporated’ juice powder, can save you time and frustration. Yet you still get 100 perecent of the benefits of fresh, raw and organic living foods. Just put the powder into water and you have bio-active juice right here, right now! Better yet, you are still supporting organic farming.

Juice nutrition is the perfect answer for anyone wanting to feel at their peak of energy, health and well-being. It’s an Ancient drink mix that targets the health and functional capacities of your Vision, Heart, Brain and Skin.

Contents: Organic Carrots, 3 types/colours of Organic Apples, Organic beetroot, Organic Whole lemon. Light frequency dried, Bio-active.

Also available in 900g resealable bag (15 percent saving)

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Weight335 g

225g, 900g

1 review for Cabala Juice Powder

  1. Naomi

    This product is amazing! Haven’t felt hungry while on my juice fast- still enjoy energy to do daily chores and activities, like recreational swimming, daily walks and gym w/outs

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