Apple Juice Powder


When your schedule and commitments have you in overwhelm, or even while traveling, these organic ‘gentle evaporated’ food powders, can save you time and frustrations. Yet you still get 100 percent of benefits of fresh, raw and organic living foods.

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This powder is produced from Organic whole apples using a genius breakthrough in plant, fruit and vegetable drying technology! Bio-photon frequency drying technology uses light frequencies that are the colours in light that create evaporation through electromagnetic energy fields that water molecules are drawn too just like iron filings to a magnet. Total evaporation happens in just minutes or hours not days. Refer Cabala Juice above.

Juice nutrition is the perfect answer for anyone wanting to feel at their peak of energy, health and well-being. Apples are highly nutritious and protective, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Apple juice is energising and enlivening and has better “kick” than a coffee.

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